Since we provide digital goods, we have a strict refund policy. By having the customers submit their information to make the purchases, they agree with our refund policy, cookie policy, privacy policy, and terms and terms and conditions. This also means, that the customer is aware of what they purchase, and reviews the sample material, the title, and the description. If one of the scenarios occurred, the customer is qualified for an immediate refund:

  1. Charged twice for the same product. third duplicate charge receives a 2.9% fee plus 30c
  2. Full refund for the downloaded products that don’t match the advertisement. 
  3. 15% refund for the missing chapters that is greater than 7 in quantity.
  • Products purchased accidentally are NOT protected by the refund policy. 
  • No cancelations allowed after the purchase. 
  • The costumer satisfaction level is NOT protected by the refund policy. For formatting issues, please contact us. 

Prep the Nurse Inc. reserves the right to make necessary modifications to the refund policy. 

Updated on (09/20/2022)

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